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This page contains some of my favorite posts since I started writing this blog.

The Gaijin Nod
…in where I describe the phenomenon known as “the Gaijin Nod” – a secret “handshake” existing in the foreign community of Japan.

Further reflections on Seoul
…in where I try to dig deep down and describe my feelings about the differences between Korea and Japan.

Chimpan News Channel
…in where I show you a clip of the infamous Chimpan News Channel – one of the best TV shows in Japan (no kidding!). It was actually featured on “The Shot” on CNN

Adventures in Tokyo Rush Hour
…in where I explain the joys (?) of travelling the train to work in the mornings.

Business Meetings in Japan
…in where I give you some hints on how to survive a business meeting in Japan – not for the faint at heart 😉

Job searching in Japan
…in where I tell about my experience in searching for work in Japan and give a few pointers…

Coffee machine observations in Japan
…in where I discuss the ongoings around a coffee machine at work…

The Shining – A Coming to Age movie?
…in where I link to the extremely hiliarious spoof-trailer for The Shining for an AICE competition…

Marketing Tricks in Japan
…in where I give some insight into Japanese retail marketing techniques…

Forbes Celebrity Ranking Deluxe
…in where I dissect the Forbes Celebrity Power Ranking in great detail…

New Blog
…this marks the restart of this blog as a WordPress-powered one…

Jumbo-sized Sundae Time!
…in where I present pictures of the greatest sundae I ever tasted…

Tarento – What Is Their Talent Anyway?
…in where I give some insight into the world of Japanese TV celebrities

Wonderful World of London Hearts
…in where I describe my favorite show in Japanese TV: London Hearts

(I got the idea for creating this page from Jakob Nielsen’s Weblog Usability tips)

Updated: 2006-12-04

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