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My name is Johan and I am from Sweden, currently living in Japan (going on my 10th year or so now); more specifically in Tokyo. As for my professional life, I work in the ICT industry.

I started this blog (or rather, a very primitive version of it) back in 2004 as a place to channel my feelings about various things in Japan. Mostly I was discussing my favorite TV-show, London Hearts or commenting on Japanese entertainment. Lately, I have broadened the topics for the site – now it spans from Japanese entertainment, reflections on Japanese society & culture, Telecom industry news, and just generally fun stuff relating to the Internet in all its glory!

Lately, if you are an avid reader, I have struggling to come up with content… It comes in bursts of inspiration I guess.


The above text was written a long time ago – and now that I’m relaunching this blog with a new design etc., I’ll have to update this text soon!

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