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World of Warcraft must be designed by a Japanese!

Posted by on Sunday, 26 February, 2006

Here’s an interesting article debating whether playing World of Warcraft teaches you “wrong” things about life and therefore is not fun, even harmful! (Via Waxy)

Reading it, it ocurred to me, the designer of the WOW game system and rules must be Japanese! Look at these snips:

1. Investing a lot of time in something is worth more than actual skill. If you invest more time than someone else, you “deserve” rewards. People who invest less time “do not deserve” rewards.

Hmm… Where have I heard that philosophy before? Ah, yes, at almost every Japanese company. Invest enough time in the company, and you shall reap economic benefits, no matter your skills!

3. Group > Solo. You can forget self-reliance, because you won’t get far in World of Warcraft without a big guild. By design, playing alone (even if you are the best player in the world) will get you worse loot than if you always play in 5-man dungeons.

Now this is getting really scary – this is a description of the backbone of the Japanese societal structure. The group is the smallest building block of Japanese society – not the individual.

So I must draw the conclusion that the gaming rules and philosophy for advancing within the game has been set by a group of Japanese company employees.