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Preview of The Class

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 July, 2006

Well it has been a few days (almost a week I guess) since the five TV pilots leaked online but not being as well updated of these things like I usually am, I did not notice until today. They were released under the moniker “Preair” and were immediately nuked from higher-up sites due to mislabeling (there is a fine but clear line between DVDRIP and DVDSCR)

Anyway, enough with the piracy mumbo jumbo. I decided to check them out. “The Class” and “Shark” sounded the most interesting to me, so I started with these two. I have not yet gotten around to seeing Shark but I checked out The Class a few minutes ago.


I liked it! Thing is, I also thoroughly enjoyed Joey so my taste might not be something to rely on for the greater masses. The premise is simple: A bunch of people meet at a surprise party for Ethan’s (played by Jason Ritter) girlfriend. Ethan went to third grade together with her, and decided to invite as many people as he can from their time in third grade to this party. A lot of people show up, hilarity ensues. Andrea Anders from Joey plays one of the leads as well:


Although I thought it started a bit stilted, the final joke before the title shows up was actually hilarious. I thought the humor was fairly obvious at times, but less obvious than it used to be in Joey. There is a definite Friends feel to it (I don’t know, could be the apartment, could be the ensemble cast of 20-somethings) without feeling like a rip-off.

This is definately a show I will try to follow when it starts in the Fall!