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Photos contiuously updated on Flickr

Posted by on Saturday, 5 May, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that if you are looking at this page to see if there are any new photos uploaded, you will not see any. I have stopped uploading photos here completely and rely only on Flickr now.

Please see the link below.

Also, to always see the latest photo additions, you can use the following RSS feed:

RSS Feed to Johan’s Flickr Photos


Photos Now Available on Flickr

Posted by on Sunday, 2 April, 2006

I have started publishing my photos on Flickr now as well. To see my photos there, go to:

For now, the plan is to upload most photos there, and then keep some of the best here locally. As for now, I do not have a Pro Flickr account, so there are not so many. I plan to upgrade shortly and start uploading my backlog of photos.