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New blog!

Posted by on Friday, 19 August, 2005

Well, I finally decided to throw Grey Matter out the window and install something a little bit advanced and useful. Yep, I upgraded to WordPress 1.5.2 ! It was slightly troublesome to import all the posts, but I managed to do it thanks to some great help files over at the wordpress site.

Anyway, I will re-design the templates next, although it’s got a good look straight out of the box, but it doesn’t make the look of the rest of my site – so I’ll have to do some thinking; should I re-design the blog or the rest of the site?

[EDIT] Aaarrgh…. I managed to delete all the images from the old blog. I thought that WordPress would automatically copy them too, but nooooo….. Gotta re-upload the ones I still have left… :sigh:


Maddox beats down on bloggers

Posted by on Thursday, 4 August, 2005

yeah, this a month old, but I just found it, so sue me.

Maddoxx bashes bloggers

I especially like these two, and I shall remind my brother and sister to carefully read the following statements, again and again… hehe…

Xanga: The bottom of the barrel of blogs. It’s incredible that the user base is able to write so much, yet say so little. I have to give a bit of kudos though, considering the fact that many of the users have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes.

LiveJournal: Here’s a little trick you can use to find out whether a link someone sends you is worth checking. If it contains the words “live, journal,” or any combination thereof, you can safely ignore the link without missing out on anything.

Anyway, he mercilessly bashes the whole concept of blogging, so I guess it also covers me…. oh well.


Intelliseek’s Blogpulse

Posted by on Thursday, 28 July, 2005

😎 So I submitted my blog to BlogPulse, a weblog search engine run by Intelliseek. Perhaps now I will start to get some hits/backlinks, whatever… I guess I have to pump up my content a bit though… Whoever is gonna want to read the crap I’m writing now, except for a few close friends/family…. Damn you lack of inspiration, DAMN YOU!!! :crazy:

Anyway…. Speaking of BlogPulse, it’s a really nice-looking service. It indexes about 14 million (!) blogs (or so the say…). Sounds pretty amazing! On average about half a million new posts get added and indexed per day…. Wow!

So anyway, another thing I am planning to do is to permanently link to a number of good Japan-related blogs from here. I have found a few interesting ones (through above mentioned service) and I want to promote the reading of them! I’lll have those links up within the next few days!

[EDIT] I couldn’t help myself.. I started adding the links now already. I will keep adding good blog-links within the next few days.



Posted by on Tuesday, 19 April, 2005

Well, these days as you know, copyright discussions are one of the main topics of the media, particularly in Sweden where there is a new copyright law coming soon (July 1) and there recently have been some turbulence (see entry below regarding the raid at an ISP).

One blog I follow closely is written by a PhD student by the name of Nicklas Lundblad. The blog is about media and information, but recently the main topic has been copyright issues. It’s very interesting, and I recommend it to everyone (it’s in Swedish though!) I might translate and quote some of his writing here because some is really insightful.


Why .hm? What is .hm?

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 April, 2005

A lot of people ask me why I chose the “.HM” domain, and what country owns that top domain.

Well, I will answer that today, and also give you some extra information you didn’t even ask for!! 😛

First of all, when I was going to register our family domain a few years ago (can’t remember when it was – probably 5 years ago or so) I was of course first aiming for one of the three “big” top domains, i.e. .COM, .ORG, or .NET. Unfortunately none of those were available (the .NET one was registered the day before I checked!!! :crazy: ) so I had to search for alternative ones. At that time, only organizations and companies were allowed to register .SE domains so that was out of the question; further, the “hip” domain in Sweden at that time was .NU since “nu” means “now” in Sweden. Well, never being one to fit in with the crowd, I immediately ruled out .NU because it was too popular!

So I found a top domain search engine which displayed all available top domains (that allowed registering of non-citizens) and came by the most unusual one I’ve seen…… .HM !! It was available for anyone to register and it was cheap (at that time, $19 per year – now it’s at $35 but still not bad).

So which country does .HM belong to?

It belongs to Heard and McDonald Islands which is, according to the CIA Factbook, a group of “uninhabitated, barren, sub-Antarctic islands” which “were transferred from the UK to Australia in 1947.” The group consists of four main islands: Heard, McDonald, Shag, and Flat Island. Heard is by far the biggest. In total the size is roughly 412 square kilometers. It is populated mostly by seals and birds, and has been classified as a nature preserve! (no wonder they allow non-citizens to register…not many seals are interested in hosting a site on the Internet)

So where are these islands? About two-thirds of the way from Madagascar to Antarctica! The climate is arctic and the land is mainly ice and tundra. There is an active volcano named “Mawson Peak” on Heard Island.

So there you have it!!!