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Well that’s Fark for you…..

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 October, 2005

So CNET announced their Blog100-list and a lot of good blogs and pesudo-blogs ended up being among the coveted 100.

And… even though CNET themselves state that it’s hard to define what a blog is;

Of course, such a list is bound to generate vigorous agreement and vehement dissent. It’s impossible to even get universal agreement on the definition of a blog.

the people of Fark just wouldn’t shut up about it… It’s the usual “We Farkers Are So Cool And Above Anything Mainstream” crap…. Anyway, the heated discussion that mounted from making the list is simply hilarious! I mean what does it even matter if CNET calls you guys a “blog” ? Ok, so the majority of you don’t want to be called a blog… well get over it! Not every blog is an introverted 17-year-old’s Livejournal, you know!


Top universities in the world – top 10 in Sweden/Japan

Posted by on Friday, 7 October, 2005

Well I just found out that the university I graduated from (Gothenburg University) is ranked among the top 153-202 universities in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2005 edition.

To my my joy I saw that it is ranked higher than Chalmers Institute of Technology, from which my father graduated – and he always praises it as the best university in Sweden…. :-)

What was ranked as the best university in the world? Harvard, closely followed by Cambridge and Stanford.

Here’s the top ten list for Sweden (with the world ranking within parantheses):

  1. Karolinska Institute of Medicine (45)
  2. Uppsala University (60)
  3. Stockholm University (93)
  4. Lund University (99)
  5. Gothenburg University (153-202)
  6. Chalmers Institute of Technology (203-300)
  7. Royal Institute of Technology (203-300)
  8. Swedish University of Agricultural Science (203-300)
  9. Umea University (203-300)
  10. Linkoping University (301-400)
  11. Stockholm School of Economics (301-400)

The corresponding list for Japan looks like this. Japan has many more universities in the Top 500 list, but mainly because they have so many more than Sweden. They only have one more than Sweden in the Top 100:

  1. Tokyo University (20)
  2. Kyoto University (22)
  3. Osaka University (62)
  4. Tohoku University (73)
  5. Tokyo Institute of Technology (93)
  6. Hokkaido University (101-152)
  7. Kyushu University (101-152)
  8. Nagoya University (101-152)
  9. Tsukuba University (101-152)
  10. Hiroshima University (203-300)

A hand is pinched in the elevator!

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 September, 2005

When I was in Yokohama the other day, I saw the following sign outside the elevators at Landmark Plaza and it just cracked me up!! Talk about top notch Engrish!!

...a hand and a leg is pinched by the elevator....

Suffice to say, I rode the elevator, and on this particular day, there were no legs or hands pinched in the elevator!! :-) Would have been pretty scary if there were, though!


A note about fonts….

Posted by on Thursday, 22 September, 2005

Well, it took me about a month (since I transferred my blog to WordPress) to figure out that the default font that it’s setup to use (at least with the Kubrick template) does not exist by default in Windows! Nope, “Lucida Grande” is a standard OS X font, but is not shipped with Windows.

All Windows users who are browsing blogs made with WordPress (which are using the Kubrick design, or something based on it, like mine) have seen it with the Verdana font! This was news to me, but maybe everyone else knew….?

Anyway, I managed to get a hold of the font today, installed and finally got to view my own blog in the type face that it was originally meant to be displayed in. I like it! There’s no doubt that Lucida Grande is one of the nicest sans serif fonts out there! A note to Microsoft: include it in Vista!!

By the way, I searched a bit on the Internet regarding this, and it turns out I was not alone (it seems that it is also the case on almost any Mac-designed site, which are great in number, I assume). Check this this link for some points, of which I agree fully! (Although, I will still keep Verdana as a backup font to Lucida Grande, as I don’t have anything against it.)


Lost in Japan — New and Improved!

Posted by on Wednesday, 21 September, 2005

If you thought I had been updating somewhat seldom recently, you now understand why! I have been fairly busy preparing the new design for this blog; and I must say that I am very satisfied with the end result.

A quick rundown of the changes (in layman’s terms):

  • Two sidebars; the left contains mainly navigational items, the right one contains ads and external links
  • New main header image, this one showing the Golden Pavillion in Kyoto.
  • The Mini Movie Blog is now displayed in the right sidebar – this is a list of the recent movies I’ve seen, together with a short (one sentence) review of it.

If you’re interested in a little bit more technical details, I can tell you that the “Mini Movie Blog” is actually another WordPress blog inserted with a PHP include (Thanks to Blogger for inspiring me to do that) into this blog’s sidebar. Yes, it could be done in an easier way, but this way it’s very flexible since it’s controlled completely outside the scope of the main blog. Oh, and a big thanks to Andy Baio from whom I totally stole the idea of having a side-blog (check out his Waxy Links) and also the basic design of it.

Further, getting that left sidebar in place was tricky in IE – I still have to use a conditional CSS statement for IE to place the sidebar correctly to the left of the main content. If you compare the Firefox rendering with the IE one, you will see a slight difference. If ANYONE has a solution to this, so I can use the same CSS for IE, please let me know!

I updated the permalink structure too…. The previous setup was stupid and ugly, now the actual post-title in included in the URL.