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Re: Michael Jackson

Posted by on Tuesday, 29 March, 2005

:doze: Well, this Michael Jackson case that’s been going on for ages now is really beginning to tire me. I found a very sound comment about it on (of all places!):

We (sic) can’t both parts meet in the middle:

1. MJ and Co. agree that he molested the kid and is sent to jail.

2. Kid’s mom agrees that they were conspiring to get money from wacko-jacko and that she knowingly sent him to neverland. She is awarded nothing, except jail time for child endangering.

3. MJ agrees to pay damages to kid. Money is never to be touched by Kid’s Mom and is put in a trustfund for living expenses/education until kid is of age. Kid is placed in a foster home and parents are given partial visitation rights.

4. MJ becomes a registered sex offender and is forbidden from approaching anybody under 18 without supervision, video surveillance and a Hannibal Lecter restraining suit.

Dang, I should go into law.

I have to agree with “casanuda” who posted this the other day. I think that he has come awfully close to the truth in this matter. There are too many things that point towards Michael Jackson being somewhat “unnaturally” attracted to young boys. However, there is also very much that points towards the fact that the family of the accuser (Gavin Arvizo for you who *still* think his name is protected by law or something) is a greedy bunch of rednecks, who willingly have put their children into the hands of Michael Jackson, solely to profit off a lawsuit.

Anyway, it’s a crying shame that such a talented songwriter and artist like Jackson has fallen this far down from his place at the very top of the entertainment industry some 15 years ago. Anyone who remembers “Thriller” and “Bad” knows that he was one of the best, if not THE best, artists in the world. What went wrong? What caused you to jump the shark and join the circus, Michael? 😥


Royal Shopping

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

Well, as I haven’t updated in a few weeks I though I’d generate tons of new material today…

When reading the online version of Swedish “newspaper” Expressen, I stumbled upon something amusing. It was a list of the shops/brands that the Swedish princess Madeleine frequently visits. How they know she *frequently* visits them is beyond me, but I guess they have a shitload of journalists whose only job is to follow the royal family around town.

Anyway, here’s the list. I thought I’d start to spread the rumors around the world, so everyone, including people here in Japan, can start buying the SAME CLOTHES AS PRINCESS MADELEINE! WOW COOL IT ROXXORS. :laugh:

Anna Holtblad
Emporio Armani
Karen Millen
Tara Jarmon
Filippa K
Louis Vuitton
Massimo Dutti
Renato Nucci

+ a few shops which sell a various of brands, but these were not necessarliy specified.

Conclusion? She dresses like the average Japanese woman (except for Anna Hultblad and Filippa K, which is not available over here). 😛


Meaningless Entry (again)

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

So…for the first time in about two years, I assembled a new computer again.

My parents were going to give my sister a PC for Christmas, and I got the task of buying it. Naturally, I apted for buying parts and assembling it – to get the best value/performance ratio (and the coolest computer…)

Anyway, when I started looking for parts etc. I realized that being out of the computer business for nearly two years REALLY makes you lose touch with what is cutting edge technology etc. When I buily my own computer early in 2003, it was fairly high-end with a 2.4 GHz P4, 333 MHz DDR memory, UATA/133 harddrive, DVD-R drive and an ATI Radeon 9200 AGP card.

Well, the computer I assembled for Christmas cost slightly less than mine (excluding the Samsung 172X monitor) but definately kicks its ass.

It is a 2.66 GHz Celeron J, 400 MHz DDR memory, SATA harddrive, DVD+/-RW DL drive and an ATI Radeon X600 Pro PCI-X card.

All this built into this sweet box, with the latest Intel i915 chipset:



Happy New Year

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

:laugh: Happy New Year

Gott Nytt År

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! (Kotoshimo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)


New pictures added…. and more

Posted by on Tuesday, 21 December, 2004

😀 I added some more pictures to my Personal Gallery. This time from a recent trip up in the mountains towards the west and northwest of Tokyo.

I also started using Photoshop to automatically create the thumbnail-indexes. It looks better now, and it’s much more customizable. If you look at the newly added gallery, you’ll see the new design. I will redo the older galleries into this style as well.

Go directly to the new gallery here: Gallery 4