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If there is still anyone reading this (I wouldnt blame you if you didn’t, looking at my past record of, oh, 1 post every 3 months) I would like to update you on some changes which have kept me busy the last few months…

I’ve moved from Ota-ku (大田区):
Nishi-magome in Ota-ku

to Setagaya-ku (世田谷区):
Dog Cafe in Setagaya

If you’re not familiar with Tokyo’s geography, Ota-ku is the ward in Tokyo which is farthest to the South-west, bordering Kanagawa-ken (where Kawasaki and Yokohama are). Setagaya-ku is North of Ota-ku, a bit closer to the city centers of Shibuya and Shinjuku. Setagaya feels like a more urban neighborhood than Ota – it’s more youthful and active with schools and universities.

What are the “hot” spots in Setagaya-ku then? The following three I rank as top 3 as far as shopping&dining is concerned.

Shimokitazawa (in Japanese)
Sangenjaya (in Japanese)

21 Responses to “Changes”

  1. I lived in (and also recommend) Karasuyama (烏山), specifically at the Chitose-Karasuyama (千歳烏山) station on the Keio line. There’s a very pretty/interesting pedestrian shopping/dining area right outside the station. Like almost anywhere in the Tokyo area, there are quite a few great restaurants and izakaya there! Check it out.

  2. Johan

    The Northern parts of Setagaya are still pretty much a mystery to me. I’ve rarely ventured more North than Yoga actually…

    Been to the area around Seijogakuen whcih is kind of nice; but that’s about it.

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