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Brilliant Japanese coffee commercials

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The best commercials on Japanese TV recently are the coffee commercials, in my opinion (that is, if you don’t include the Softbank commercials, of course, since they are in a class by themselves)

Lately, two coffee brands stand out; JT Roots and Georgia. 

Here’s my current favorite JT Roots commercial:

I don’t think I need to explain or translate anything, it speaks for itself. Brilliant, poignant, true, and touching!

Georgia coffee have also made some great commercials lately. Unfortunately I cannot find my favorite Georgia coffee commercial on Youtube, so I have to post my second favorite:

(To summarize in English if you didn’t get it – the guy drinking the coffee gets so into it that he dreams about singing a song dedicated to the coffee, only he’s actually singing out loud and his colleague wakes him up saying “that’s a great song!”)

My favorite is the one where the guy fantasizes about meeting his grandmother. You can find it on the Georgia website here: http://www.georgia.jp/info/cm/heaven/

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