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Korea – revisited

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French Press
I’ m back in neigboring Korea for a speedy visit, and it has been nearly nine months since I was here last. Unfortunately not much spare time this visit, but I’m still enjoying the change of scenery. Also, my living situation here in Seoul is vastly better than last year. I was stuck at mediocre (but good value for money) Best Western Gangnam, whereas now I’m over at the COEX Inter-Continental, which is a world apart, I can tell you that! Just consider a simple thing as the complimentary coffee – at Best Western, it consisted of two sticks of instant freeze-dried; whereas here you get a french press and three bags of fine coffee! Got to be honest here, it’s the first time I ever used a French Press, and I actually had to look up on the Internet how to operate it!!! (It was easier than I first thought.)

Our Korean office has also relocated from Gangnam to COEX and ais a definite step up from the old locale. It even beats our own office in Tokyo as far as stylishness – I’m a bit jealous! Have to try to get sent here a bit more often, I see….

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  1. I just have to ask you – what do you work with?
    You must be insanely lucky to work in countries such as Japan and South Korea! That’s my dream, totally. So now, tell me what you work with xD

  2. Johan

    Hi, I think you might find a hint in this old post:


    And to answer you in a bit more detail, I’m a business controller.

  3. I’m glad that you are enjoying your life there.

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  6. I’m glad that you are enjoying your life there.

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