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The Best Stuff I Found on the Internet 2006

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It’s time to present a list of the greatest things I found on the Internet in 2006. Is it a reocurring column if it is only the second time I do it? Well, I plan to continue doing it, so I guess you can call it that.

  • The Best Blonde Joke Ever
  • Well there is not much more to say about this than click the link and enjoy. A modern classic!

  • Toy Story Meets Requiem For A Dream
  • There were many mashups and re-edited movie trailers surfacing in 2006 after the amazing success of The Shining Redux, but none blew my mind like this one.

  • Line Rider
  • Simple but ingenious game which, if you are not careful, will occupy all your sparetime for the next few days. After playing a while, you might think you are getting good at it, but, think again!

  • SNL Dick in a Box
  • Justin TImberlake guest stars in a recent SNL episode and among other fairly good sketches, he stars in one of the most fabulous SNL productions in a long time (not up to Narnia standard, but close!)

  • The Evolution of Dance
  • Old but gold! You simply cannot watch this enough times… It never gets boring!

  • Pandora
  • Yeah, so this did not launch in 2006, I know, but I didn’t realize it’s amazingness until a bit into the year. It is an Internet-jukebox so to speak, which lets you create custom radio channels based on your favorite songs or artists. Via a wide range of algorithms, it finds similar music that you might enjoy (in most cases it’s pretty good!

  • Newsvine
  • A great mix of mainstream media news and user-submitted news & commentary. The user-submitted stories are fairly USA-centered, but overall makes for a really good news site.

  • Netvibes
  • Netvibes is an AJAX online desktop or startpage, sort of similar to Google’s personal startpage etc. but it offers so much more than the Google/Yahoo variety. I find it handles various types of RSS feeds better than Google, and there are more customization options. What it is lacking is perhaps some of the “gadgets” that are available to Google users.

By the way, here is a link to last year’s list: Best stuff I found on the Internet 2005.


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