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Checking in with AICE again

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Well it has been more than a year since the sensational re-cut The Shining trailer hit the Internets, the winner of the 2005 New York AICE Trailer Park competition. It spawned a wave of mashups and re-cut trailers of various quality – most of them never getting close to the high quality of the “original” (although AICE had been doing this stuff for a few years, the general public had not really had noticed it).

I thought it would be interesting to check back with AICE to see what the 2006 Trailer Park competitions have given us. I searched the web which we call the Internet and came up with a few gems. Enjoy.

Detroit Robots

(Robots meets 8 Mile)
Winner of Los Angeles Trailer Park 2006, made by Jeff Jenkins


(Cocktail as Bollywood movie)
Winner of New York Trailer Park 2006, made by Scott Rankin

Enter This Dragon, Bitch!

(Enter The Dragon as a Blaxploitation move)
Runner-up at NY Trailer Park 2006, made by Ian Marks

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