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It’s not your fault, Kimi

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Softbank are running yet another brilliant ad right now. This time, it’s an ad for the new gold plan which entitles free calls between Softbank users weekdays beteen 1 and 9 PM.

Summarized translatiion:

Girl 1: Ok, call me later, before nine.
Girl 2: Yeah, I’ll call your cellphone, until nine, right.
Girl 3: We’ll call you too, Kimi.
Kimi : No, no, you don’t have to bother calling me, it costs money!
Girl 2: Oh right, you don’t use Softbank.
Kimi: Sorry!
Girl 2: No, no, it’s not like it’s your fault or anything.
Girl 3: Yeah, don’t worry about it, really!

This is my new favorite. It almost beats my old favorite one, the commercial which started the Yosogai hype

34 Responses to “It’s not your fault, Kimi”

  1. PA

    hehe, that’s funny!

  2. Johan

    Yeah, I love how they are on the surface so nice to her, but you know that they think she is a darn loser to not have Softbank from the intonation of her voice… Just brilliant!

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