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Expand your reading

This entry was posted by on Monday, 4 December, 2006 at

Recently I have found myself bored with my regular blog reading – I don’t know why, but I’ve found myself getting bored by blogs I used to read fervently before.

So, while casually browsing the latest stuff to come through the RSS feeds on my Netvibes page, I found a link to the following:

Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading (via: Waxy.org)

That is an extremly high recommended list of interesting blogs you may or (probably) may not be reading right now. I for one was not reading any of them regularly, and had only heard about a handful.

And yes, this is yet another fairly unrelated post on this blog which has fallen victim of my recent increased workload and lack of inspiration…. Sorry, I hope that maybe by reading some of these blogs I, too, might rediscover my inspiration to rekindle the activity of my blog again…

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