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Various snapshots from Japan

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I have collected quite a few funny and interesting photos on my cellphone, snapshots I have taken when I saw something that really caught my eye. I figured I got enough for a blog post, so here you go! Hover over the photo for a description, click to view the whole photo.

Go Dickies!
'Nice Guys' head piece
'Playboy' head piece
Heldass - great name for a diet supplement!
A classic: the women's lap pillow
Square-shaped melon!
Panchiettr (?!)
Ginza Chuo-Dori on a Saturday

In case you are looking for the “joke” or “funny part” in that last photo… there is none, I just wanted to post post how Ginza now looks on Saturdays and Sundays – when theyu turn Chuo-Dori into a no-car zone. Recently they have put out some tables and chairs in the middle of the street for people to sit and relax. It’s really really nice, actually.

By the way, a few months ago, I posted another batch of these kinds of photos, check that post out here.

29 Responses to “Various snapshots from Japan”

  1. no car street… that is pretty nice. you walk a lot in japan especially in the city. well I like the hizamakura. its one of thos things you wouldnt buy but if some one gave it to you, youd like it cuz you get a huge kick out of it. good one for B -day gifts.


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