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Japan’s Good, Bad, and Strange

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I wanted to share with you three lists; one is the top things I love about Japan. The second contains the things I hate, and the last one is a list of things I just don’t understand about Japan!

5 Things I Love About Japan

Low crime makes you feel secure whenever and whereever you are
The food is simply marvellous. And the variety you can get is top notch.
– You are never bored in a city like Tokyo. Always something to do!
– Japanese people are extremely service-minded and courteous.
Public transportation is abundant, on time, and clean!

5 Things I Hate About Japan

Earthquakes – sooner or later there’s gonna be a big one.
– It’s expensive to live here, and apartments are generally rather small.
– Japanese people’s lack of flexibility can be frustrating.
Honne and Tatemae
– Japanese working hours tend to be ridiculously long.

5 Things I Simply Don’t Understand About Japan

Fried fish and rice for breakfast
– Why most houses & apartments only have frosted windows.
– The fascination of Pachinko.
– Japanese people’s patience to wait countless hours for anything.

10 Responses to “Japan’s Good, Bad, and Strange”

  1. I’d add J-pop to the ‘hate’ column. Under ‘Don’t understand’, I’d put Yamamba fashion.

  2. Johan

    Yamamba fashion! Wow, now thats a word you don’t hear everyday! My girlfriend was actually impressed that a non-Japanese person had even heard about it!

  3. this blog is a good one. I grew up in Japan so I know that fish and rice for breakfast… I actually liked it but I know the stand point being a pancake eater in to a natto eater… my mom did that … in the morrning with row eggs…few!

  4. Johan

    Yeah, I guess its a cultural thing – something to do with upbringing. I simply cannot understand how anyone would like to eat something as heavy as fried fish and rice in the morning!

    Mind you, I dont like fried fish that much no matter what meal it is.


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