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Divorce Checklist for Japanese retirees

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Happiness after retirement
Today I offer to all you Japanese retirees out there, a checklist to see if your marriage is in jeoprady or not! This is an actual check list that was published in the Japanese magazine “Comfort Club”. Recently there has been a surge in divorces of elderly couples happening close after the husband retired from his job, which for the better part of his life used to BE his life. So retired husbands, if you answer YES to any (or all) of the below questions, you better shape up or get out!

  1. You were always busy with work and never concerned yourself with your family.
  2. After retirement you want to spend every waking moment with your wife.
  3. After retirement you basically just want to hang around the house taking it easy.
  4. You have never cooked a meal in your whole life.
  5. You have almost never cleaned, washed clothes or done household shopping.
  6. You call your wife ‘mother’ or by just yelling ‘Oi!’, basically never calling her by her own name.
  7. You want to know every detail of your wife’s whereabouts when she is out of the house alone.
  8. You have never complemented your wife on her cooking.
  9. You never utter the words ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ to your wife.
  10. You and your wife really have nothing to talk about.
  11. You have a hard time letting your wife go on trips with friends.
  12. You don’t really know where your own clothes are.
  13. It is always your wife who takes care of your own parents when needed.
  14. You leave all financial matters completely to your wife.
  15. You don’t care about your wife’s friends or interests.

You know what is scary about a list like this? That it even exists, and that there actually is a need for it! The generation of men who are retiring now are totally clueless when it comes to their own family, having neglected them for over 40 years, basically only caring about their job. Of course this has been a problem before too, but it is just recently that it become more socially acceptable with divorce. Earlier in Japan the wife just had to suffer silently until death came and give her solace….

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