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Some small changes

This entry was posted by on Wednesday, 15 March, 2006 at

If you notice something different about the layout today, that is because I am currently experimenting with what to put in the right sidebar. I am tired of the one-line movie reviews (it doesn’t generate any value-add to my readers, and I am too lazy to update it in a timely manner).

So for now
First I added the Technorati Favorites widget, displaying the latest three posts from blogs that I have tagged as my favorites on Technorati. After putting in the sidebar though, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of customization. My sidebar bar is 200 pixels wide, and that the Technorati favorites block barely fits in it. Further, the colors and layout of it really doesn’t appeal to me.

Secondly, I made a Flickr badge displaying photos tagged with ‘Japan’. It looks kind of nice, don’t you think?I took away the Flickr badge because it was unreliable for some reason – often not displaying any pictures at all, so the Technorati Widget is back until further notice….

Another idea is to put up my Newsvine Watchlist. I will perhaps tinker a bit with that this coming weekend – it’s a piece of Javascript though, and I don’t know how much it can be customized either.

Then there is this list of things to put in your sidebar over at Listible.com to consider as well.

I’m a bit lost here. I need to put something really cool there but I don’t really know what. I will have to retreat into my Web 2.0-approved home and think really hard. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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