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Lost in Japan – now with tags

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Well, I fell for the hype, I added tags to the site – or rather, the usability of the site will hopefully increase by introducing them. I didn’t want to litter the site with lots of categories, especially for subjects I might not write so much about. Further, there might be some posts which are totally off-subject too. Just putting them into the “General” Category and relying on the keywords that might be in the actual text, it will be pretty hard for people to find the post through search engines etc.

For this purpose, I installed Ultimate Tag Warrior by Christine Davis which this far seems to be doing an OK job. Next task is for me tol add tags to all archived posts, which I will do when I have some spare time.

[EDIT] Ok, call me a hypocrite if you want (see my old post about tags in cloud format) but I added a tag archive displaying the tags in, you knew it, cloud format. It’s just that there isn’t a better format that I can think of right now. Sure you can have a plain old list, but it wouldn’t be as interested. Reach the tag archive here: http://lostinjapan.groth.hm/taglist/


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