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Starting to like my new job

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Well, after a month of not doing especially much at my new job, part OTJ, part everyone-is-too-busy-to-give-me-work, January has been a huge improvement. Slowly I have been handed over some of my main responsibilities, and slowly I have been getting into the new job and the new company.

It hit me today, wandering through the office, that I finally am starting to like it here. It’s always tough in the beginning at a new job, and you think “why did I come here?”, “I don’t know anything, how can I be of use?”, “boy, this company is different from my previous workplaces” etc. But recently, the place has been bustling with activity, a sort of activity I have never ever seen at any of my previous jobs. There are people having meetings, talking, running around, customers coming and going, consultants en masse brought in, and tons of people from corporate HQ. It just gives the air around here a certain feel of energy and excitement. It makes me want to work, even though some of the individual tasks I do are not that exciting, you get a feeling that you are part of something huge, something that is moving forward, quickly, and that so great.

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  1. Hi Johan. What kind of work are you doing? Tech-related?

  2. Johan

    Hi Michael.

    Nope, I’m a business controller. I know, it doesn’t sound so fun, but it is (mostly)!

  3. Thanks! it’s helpful to me!


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