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Lost on a Brown Planet

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Happy New Year! We celebrated the new year by taking a bold step into outer space, this is the landscape we came upon, probably a landscape never seen before by man, let alone visited in person! (Click to enlarge)
Mars Landscape?

Seriously though, we baked some Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies….


We haven’t tried them yet, but I bet they’ll be smashingly good. Anyway, this brings me finally to the point of this post! On the back of the package, we found this text (click to zoom in):


I’m no physics or chemistry expert so I was a bit amused by this special attention given to people living at a high altitude. And I would really like to know how the high altitude affects brownie making! Does it rise higher, or does it not rise as much? Very very intriguing!!! If you care to share your expertise and/or experience on this matter, please comment. Also, if you got pictures of brownies taken at different altitudes (but other factors remain unchanged) do share, please! (For your reference, I used a plate that was roughly 10″ by 8″ in size, and the brownie turned out to be about 1.5″ tall.)

26 Responses to “Lost on a Brown Planet”

  1. Sandy

    I don’t know why packages say altitude when they mean elevation. In Colorado it is best to follow those directions. Potatoes (and other things) take longer to cook. I have never tried cooking while flying.

  2. Johan

    Huh? Now you got me even more confused… What’s the difference between altitude and elevation?

    Anyway, I did some research myself and of have learned that the boiling temperature for water decreases as you move to a higher altitude. Also, baked goods tend to rise quicker. However, I still don’t really know the explanation for the “rise quicker” part.

  3. Sandy

    Elevation is how high you are while you are still firmly attached to the earth. The elevation of the city I lived in in Colorado was over 6,000 feet. Altitude is when you leave the earth as in aeroplane flying. However, it seems the 2 words are used interchangeably these days. Sandy

  4. oh! i have baked this(Fudge Brownies)!!
    i love this..but my friends werent like this…why???

  5. Johan

    Well thanks for all the comments…. But doesn’t anyone have any photos of brownies you made yourselves…..? My girlfriend really really really wants to see photos of brownies (preferably baked at high elevation!)

    What I wanted to see,
    was a picture of how it could be,
    if you baked 6,000 ft above the sea;
    Please send a picture to me.

    (by Pica-chan)

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