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Fixed the CSS and launched the Lost in Japan store

This entry was posted by on Sunday, 15 January, 2006 at

Two announcements today:

FIrst of all, a few days ago I stealthily launched the Lost in Japan store where I sell T-shirts with useful (hmmm?) Japanese text printed on them. For now, there is only one basic T-Shirt (in three variants) for sale, a shirt that says “日本語で大丈夫ですよ” which means “I do speak Japanese” or “I’m OK with Japanese” or something similar. The idea came to me before Christmas, so I quickly created three prototypes and gave one to my dad and one to my brother, and kept one for myself. It got a big laugh out of my gym instructor, that’s for sure!

Well, I shall try to conjure up more useful T-shirts in the future, so be sure to check back.

Second thing is, I fixed my CSS (see previous post about that here) with some more IE hacking. Now everyone (I hope) can view this site without problems, even in IE using other resolutions that 1024×768!

8 Responses to “Fixed the CSS and launched the Lost in Japan store”

  1. Sandy

    Very glad you fixed it.

  2. now the question is, do Japanese people read shirts in their own language, as oppossed to the English ones

  3. Johan

    Well, as it is the middle of winter here, I have yet to wear my T-shirt in other public places than the gym, but when I did, it DID turn a few heads and got some positive comments. The fact is, average Japanese don’t read/comprehend English perfectly, so a quick glance at an English T-shirt makes no sense to them (no matter how funny/unfunny it is), however a Japanese T-shirt everyone can read. If it then is worn by an obvious foreigner, it adds to their amusement.

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