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Swedish Style in Tokyo right now

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Well, since I’m a Swede, I guess I have sort of an obligation to promote any Swedish event happening in Japan, or more specifically, Tokyo.

RIght now, the so-called, “Swedish Style” is being held at different venues around Tokyo, with the center of things being at the Swedish Embassy in Roppongi. Check out the website for more information.

For a quick run down on what Swedish Style is, I quote from the introduction:

We are happy to welcome you to Swedish Style 2005 and the wide range of Swedish events taking place in Tokyo between 2 and 12 November. This year, we invite you to enjoy Happy Style! We want to highlight the fun and friendly aspects of design and we want to celebrate the different ways that design, art, food and music make us happy. And we hope that Swedish Style will bring you happiness.

At the Embassy of Sweden in Roppongi-Itchome, we present Swedish Conceptual Design. Six young exciting designers and design groups are represented, as well as a ground breaking art institution. You will also find the Swedish Style Café, a place for a relaxing break, and a number of workshops

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