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Attacked by spammers!

This entry was posted by on Sunday, 6 November, 2005 at

Wow, tonight I got hammered by so-called pollution spammers for the first time since I put up this blog (I’ve had 2-3 spam comments before)! I got 4958 comments which all were spam, fortunately WordPress caught every single one of them.

If you want to learn more about pollution spamming, there’s a good article over at The Net is Dead. Basically what this spam does is NOT link to the spammers’ sites, but rather to innocent sites like news.linux.com (very often targeted) or any other ‘regular’ site like Yahoo! The objective is to pollute anti-spam filters and blacklists.

Truly evil and morally corrupt, if you ask me!!! 🙁

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  1. Ah, 58 spam in one day… What I wouldn’t give for only 58 spam in one day. Those were the days of innocence and bliss. Nowadays, 200 spam a day, every day, without end, is a slow spam week. And that’s just comment spam. Add to that an addition 150 trackback spam, and often *thousands* of referral spam. Each and every day. Spam that links to spammer’s sites… usually smut dealers (too many of them the sickening kiddie version), pharm sales, poker sites, gambling and casinos. Then there are the ones you mentioned, either fake links or no links at all. Recently I’ve been hit with dozens of comment spam per day that have no links, but have tracking.

    Tracking is a new phenom in spamming. The spammer does not just leave spam. They leave spam with links or text that contain unique numerical strings. You see, when a spammer hits my site, I often check the link in case it is not 100% clear that it’s spam. The spammers hate this–they want to know what spam got the response. So they place a code string within their spam, so that anyone using the link will immediately identify where the spam came from.

    But the recent ones have the code and no link. They all contain a string where the fake message writer says something like “you won’t belive that I just paid $xxxxx for a used car!” Or for a home loan, or for something else. The 5-string digit is clearly a code. But with no link, what’s the deal?

    Then I figured it out: they want to know how much of their filth is getting *published*. By doing a search for the specific strings, they can find out where their spam is getting through. I betcha that the sites which didn’t catch and filter that spam are now getting creamed by massive avalanches of link spam.

    So, Johan… you are now where I was 18 to 24 months ago. The spam you’re getting sounds like spam I got in July last year:


    Though mine was more intense–1500+ spams–and I’d been getting spam in the 50-100 per day range for some time before. Go to my site in general and do a search for “spam.” You’ll see that I’ve posted dozens of times on the subject, and you can follow the experience I’ve had… and that you will likely encounter more and more as you continue blogging.

    Sorry to bear bad news. But at least those on their toes, like you are, can cut the spammers off before they leave a mark.

  2. Johan

    Wow. I feel for you, that sounds horrible. I read your entry on referral spam on your site too, interesting read. I have yet to receive any noticable amount of referral spam but I guess its coming down the road….

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