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New Japan-related additions

This entry was posted by on Friday, 19 August, 2005 at

Just wanted to point out the fact that I added a range of new Japan-related recommended blogs to my personal blog-roll (oh isn’t that a hip “in-word” right now?) to the right.

A big thanks to Sushi Zume for providing a number of these links. And when I say “providing” I mean I shamelessly stole the links from her interesting blog… Sorry ’bout that! :blush:

Anyway, it seems there are a lot more foreigners in Japan blogging now – I remember a while ago I tried to find some interesting reading in that regard on the Net but couldn’t really find anything. Of course you can always revert back to that crazy place F*cked Gaijin if you feel you have the mental stability for it… Not that they’re ALL crazy over there, but talk about your high rate of English teachers per capita, oh boy!

3 Responses to “New Japan-related additions”

  1. hey feel free…no blushing required – isn’t this whole blog thing about stealing/borrowing/sharing! 😉
    i;m just glad to see that someone other than my mother and my sisters dog are reading my stuff…
    so thankyou!
    i like your sleek design – nice one!

  2. oh p.s. consider yourself LINKED!

  3. I guess it is!! Hehe… Thanks for droppping by and linking!

    Btw, nice Princess Leia outfit you got on your site there… 😀