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More about Playlouder

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Well I have been reading the Boing Boing article (see below), the original Guardian article and also the Fact Sheet and FAQ over at Playlouder, and there are some things I don’t understand:

1. It says that the users will be able to share files freely between each others; however it also says that all files will be supplied by Playlouder (who digitizes and fingerprints the files so they can’t leak outside the ISP’s network). Nowhere does it say that the users themselves are allowed to rip their own CDs and share. Further, since the songs ripped by the users themselves are not fingerprinted, these can leak out. So in relation to this, where did Boing Boing get this from :

PlayLouder MSP’s customers’ license includes Sony music sourced from P2P networks, ripped from CDs, or digitized from vinyl, cassettes, or radio broadcasts.

2. This statement in the Playlouder FAQ worries me:

We aim to prevent close to 100% of P2P traffic from going outside the MSP “walled garden”.

This is a very vague statement to me – do they mean their fingerprinted files only, or EVERYTHING?

So apart from these two things I think it’s a good idea. But I’d really like to see some clarification on them, because right now it’s somewhat of a blurry concept.

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