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Maddox beats down on bloggers

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yeah, this a month old, but I just found it, so sue me.

Maddoxx bashes bloggers

I especially like these two, and I shall remind my brother and sister to carefully read the following statements, again and again… hehe…

Xanga: The bottom of the barrel of blogs. It’s incredible that the user base is able to write so much, yet say so little. I have to give a bit of kudos though, considering the fact that many of the users have the reading comprehension of a bowl full of pubes.

LiveJournal: Here’s a little trick you can use to find out whether a link someone sends you is worth checking. If it contains the words “live, journal,” or any combination thereof, you can safely ignore the link without missing out on anything.

Anyway, he mercilessly bashes the whole concept of blogging, so I guess it also covers me…. oh well.

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