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Forbes Celebrity Ranking Deluxe

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Well it’s been about two months since Forbes presented their Celebrity Top 100 list for 2005, but I really didn’t notice until a few days ago. A simple blog-post about it would not do, so I decided to get out my statistical gloves and do some calculations!

First of all, what I did was take all Top 10-ranked celebrities from the lists 1999-2005 (and check where they were ranked in all the other years, when they might not have made the top 10). This I entered into a list and calculated average ranking, number of top ten placements etc. The graph you see below (click on it so zoom in) shows the Top 10 celebrities on this year’s list with their rankings from 1999-2004 shown as well, plus average ranking.

A note about the methodology I used when calculated what I call “adjusted average ranking” : For the years that the person in question did not make the Top 100-list, I gave them a ranking of (100 + 10 * n), where n is the number of years outside the list. For example, Celine Dion has missed the Top 100 on 3 occasions, so when calculating the average ranking, I gave her a ranking of 110 the first missed year, 120 the second, and 130 the third. Perhaps not a perfectly fair methodology, as it favors consistency over peaks; but I didn’t really have a better idea.

Forbes Celebrity Ranking 1999-2005

Some more (useless) stats for your enjoyment:

Celebrities who have been on the Top 100 every year:
Oprah Winfrey
Tiger Woods
Shaquille O’Neill
Steven Spielberg
Michael Jordan

Number of Top 10-placements:
Oprah Winfrey : 7
Tiger Woods, Steven Spielberg : 6
Michael Jordan : 5
Rolling Stones : 4
Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks : 3
Britney Spears, Madonna : 2

Biggest gainers:
Mel Gibson (Not ranked in 2003, No.1 in 2004)
Julia Roberts (Not ranked in 1999, No.1 in 2000)
Eminem & Dr.Dre (Not ranked in 2002, No.2 in 2003)
George Lucas (Not ranked in 1999, No.2 in 2000)

Biggest losers:
Britney Spears (No.1 in 2002, Not ranked in 2003)
Tom Cruise (No.1 in 2001, Not ranked in 2002)
Eminem & Dr.Dre (No.2 in 2003, Not ranked in 2004)
Beatles (No.3 in 2001, Not ranked in 2002)

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