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Intelliseek’s Blogpulse

This entry was posted by on Thursday, 28 July, 2005 at

šŸ˜Ž So I submitted my blog to BlogPulse, a weblog search engine run by Intelliseek. Perhaps now I will start to get some hits/backlinks, whatever… I guess I have to pump up my content a bit though… Whoever is gonna want to read the crap I’m writing now, except for a few close friends/family…. Damn you lack of inspiration, DAMN YOU!!! :crazy:

Anyway…. Speaking of BlogPulse, it’s a really nice-looking service. It indexes about 14 million (!) blogs (or so the say…). Sounds pretty amazing! On average about half a million new posts get added and indexed per day…. Wow!

So anyway, another thing I am planning to do is to permanently link to a number of good Japan-related blogs from here. I have found a few interesting ones (through above mentioned service) and I want to promote the reading of them! I’lll have those links up within the next few days!

[EDIT] I couldn’t help myself.. I started adding the links now already. I will keep adding good blog-links within the next few days.

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