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Royal Shopping

This entry was posted by on Tuesday, 4 January, 2005 at

Well, as I haven’t updated in a few weeks I though I’d generate tons of new material today…

When reading the online version of Swedish “newspaper” Expressen, I stumbled upon something amusing. It was a list of the shops/brands that the Swedish princess Madeleine frequently visits. How they know she *frequently* visits them is beyond me, but I guess they have a shitload of journalists whose only job is to follow the royal family around town.

Anyway, here’s the list. I thought I’d start to spread the rumors around the world, so everyone, including people here in Japan, can start buying the SAME CLOTHES AS PRINCESS MADELEINE! WOW COOL IT ROXXORS. :laugh:

Anna Holtblad
Emporio Armani
Karen Millen
Tara Jarmon
Filippa K
Louis Vuitton
Massimo Dutti
Renato Nucci

+ a few shops which sell a various of brands, but these were not necessarliy specified.

Conclusion? She dresses like the average Japanese woman (except for Anna Hultblad and Filippa K, which is not available over here). 😛

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