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All in all – a disastrous Olympics for the Swedes

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Ara Abrahamian - Swedish wrestler
Well, tomorrow is the last day of the 2008 Olympic Games and being a Swede, you got to think “Thank You, the disaster is finally over….Let’s forget about Beijing and concentrate on London!”

With one day left (without any hopes of more medals), Sweden ended up with five medals; four silvers and one bronze. That places us at 56th place in the country medal rankings. Sweden DID have one more bronze, but you all know that it was taken back by IOC due to Ara Abrahamian’s “unsportsmanship behavior” last week. There’s no denying that his behavior was child like and should go punished, but the fact remains that his actions were in part justifiable as the latest news reveal: “Ara Abrahamian was right” I guess it is a big comfort to him (and to his fellow Swedes) to know that he was unfairly treated in his semifinal match.

Anyway, back to the fiasco that is the Swedish Olympic performance of 2008. To get an idea of how bad it has been, here are the statistics from the last few Games:

Athens 2004: 4 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze (19th place)
Sydney 2000: 4 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze (18th place)
Atlanta 1996: 2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze (29th place)
Barcelona 1992: 1 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze (27th place)
Seoul 1988: no gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze (32nd place)
Los Angeles 1984: 2 gold, 11 silver, 6 bronze (16th place)
Moscow 1980: 3 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze (11th place)

By this point, I got tired of writing each game’s medals, so I looked back and tried to find a worse games for the Swedes. Mexico City 1968 saw only four Swedish medals, but two of them were gold. In Rome 1960, Sweden took six medals, of which only one was gold, so you could say that Beijing 2008 was the worst Olympics games for the Swedes in at least 48 years…

However, in such times as these, you have to find happiness from somewhere, and living in Japan you have to join the Japanese in joy for their successful Olympic Games! Japan are in 8th place overall in Beijing; with a total of 25 medals (9 gold, 6 silver, 10 bronze) – which is pretty good, although not as impressive as in Athens were they managed to bring home 37 medals!


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