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Hokuouka! T-shirt

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I added two new T-shirts to my online store over at Cafepress:

The text reads “Hokuouka” (北欧か which basically means “Scandinavian?”) and is a play on the famous Taka and Toshi tagline (almost done to death by now) “oubeika” (欧米か)

If you wonder what the heck I’m talking about and who the f*ck are Taka and Toshi, you can check out a clip of them here:

The basic premise of all their “Oubeika” jokes is a regular stand-up routine where suddenly one of them breaks into some non-Japanese behavior or says some English word (where a perfectly good Japanese one exists) upon which the other guy replies Oubeika! (Are you Western or what!?) and then often slaps him on the head for good measure. Classic, good-hearted Japanese comedy when it is as its best…. (Yes, I might have lived here too long now)

UPDATE: Here is a subtitled version of the above video:

(It’s not a perfect translation, but it gets most of the major jokes across fairly well.)


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