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What disillusions Japanese women?

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Japanese fashion website Kirei-Navi asked their readers (mainly female, for obvious reasons) what disillusions them about Japanese men, and the results were obvious to amusing:

1. Having an arrogant attitude towards the staff of a restaurant
2. Wants to split the bill exactly down to 10-yen level
3. Panics when seeing a spider or cockroach
4. Cleaning your teeth openly with a toothpick after eating
5. Having an office desk littered with toy figurines
6. Wearing a T-shirt with print on it which can be seen through the dress shirt
7. Being lousy at parking a car
8. Dresses well in a suit at the office, but regular clothing is terrible
9. Frantically plays cell phone games on the train
10.Wiping your face with the oshibori (wet towel) given at a restaurant
11.Cannot connect Audio/Video equipment; bad at using a computer
12.Having a wallet filled to the breadth with old receipts and useless cards
13.Fixing your hair using the subway train’s window as a mirror
14.Wearing white socks with a nice business suit
15.Using lots of pictures and icons in phone mails
16.Awful handwriting – makes for unreadble notes and whiteboard writing
17.Typing abnormally fast and loud on the keyboard
18.Collecting large amounts of discount coupons and point cards
19.Preference for “womenly” sweet drinks like Kahlua Milk

I actually agree with most of these, even I find some of them upsetting. There is an incredible amount of men in this country that wears white sports socks with a suit. What is up with that? Can’t you see it looks terrible? On the other hand, what is wrong with fixing your hair in the subway window? I mean, it must be better than bringing a hand mirror along with you in your briefcase and using THAT! Oh, and if any of you have problem no 6, the solution is to wear it inside out – then usually the print will not show through! 😉

(Original ranking in Japanese; Thanks to Mari for the link: Watashi to Tokyo – hope you don’t mind I re-translated the original text.)


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