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Drink Deeppresso for a truly enjoyable time

Posted by on Monday, 11 September, 2006

You gotta love those Japanese brand managers sometimes. They come up with the most internationally viable brand names possible! I mean, think of the success that Georgia’s new coffee DEEPPRESSO will have in the overseas market! “Need something to get you going in the morning? Drink Deeppresso!” “Feeling a bit tired, a bit down? Drink a cup of Deeppresso!”


Or how about this one, from Wonda Coffee? SHOT & SHOT 69! Well, is it only me or is that just not an appropriate name for a coffee? “Hey Honey! Gimme a 69, I can’t get out of bed without one!” or “Oh, every morning when I arrive at work, I share a 69 with my boss.” Ummmm…. YEAH.

shot & shot 69


Crocodile Hunter is dead

Posted by on Monday, 4 September, 2006

Well this is totally unrelated to anything I’ve ever written about, but I’m sad and shocked after reading that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is dead.

In a twist of fatal irony, while filming a documentary which aimed to demystify the stingray, he was killed by a barb from a stingray whcih went right through his chest into his heart.

I guess he died while doing what he did best and what he loved to do, and some may argue that it’s a miracle he stayed alive in such a high risk job for so long, but it’s still a huge tragedy.

Good Bye Steve, and thanks for all the great television memories.