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Posted some pictures from my wedding

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Horse Carriage

Yeah, I got married!

Sorry to spring it on you like this… But what was I supposed to do? Couldn’t very well post about it before, that would mean bad luck, and, worse, I would have to come up with an excuse why you weren’t invited! 😉

Anyway, I uploaded some pictures to Flickr, so go check them out here:

Johan’s and Hikaru’s Wedding

(UPDATE: I changed permissions on the photos so they are only visible to Friends and Family – so please sign up for a Flickr account to view them if you haven’t before)

5 Responses to “Posted some pictures from my wedding”

  1. Leo

    Congratulations on your wedding. Best wishes to the two of you

  2. Johan

    Thanks Leo!

    I don:t know who you are, but it really warmed our hearts! 😀

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