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Here comes the heat again

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Well, although summer has not officially started here in Japan (it will not until after the rainy season) it has gotten pretty darn hot recently. Out of the last four days, we’ve seen temperatures around 30 every day except last Sunday when it was raining the whole day.

Still it is pretty nice, because has to savor these days of “pre-summer” before the “tsuyu-ake” (end of the rainy season) and average temperatures rise about 5 degrees in one go. Then we have a period of 1-2 months of scorching heat with the added bonus of 60-70% humidity! Not very nice, and I am very very very jealous of my expat colleagues who can take a whole month of vacation off and miss nearly all of this heat.

Coolbiz cool

With the summer comes another fun happening and that is the Coolbiz campaign. If you read the old article at that link you can see the details. Basically I don’t think it’s going to help that much in the long run, there must be better things to save energy on than the air conditioners at work. Maybe if people went home a bit earlier from the office instead, then we would see some more savings.

Anyway, there is actually some good things about Coolbiz and that is the fact that since its launch last year, there has actually been some innovations in the clothing industry. I’ve seen ads on the subway for new Coolbiz-suits which are supposed to be very light and cool. This appeals to me, because even if I am wearing a summer suit it is way too hot for me, so I am interested in special super-light-weight suits such as these launched by Suit Aoyama and these ones from Konaka

If anyone has ever tried one of these, let me know – because I don’t want to spend the money if they are not really worth it of course.

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