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How did these people end up on my site?

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Well I may be shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but I went through my stats today (I use the wonderful BAStats plugin for WordPress) and just for fun I checked all referring pages since I enabled the stats.

I found some puzzling entries at the end of the list, let me tell you that!! I wonder, how (and why) on earth these people ended up on my site. Here are some of the more obscure search terms:

“death + sword” (an image search… dude, I don’t even know what you were looking for)
“my japan trip june 2005” (huh? It looks like someone’s vanity search, but why click on someone else’s page?)
“videos de michael jackson en japan” (nope… no videos of Michael Jackson here!!)
“death” (another image search…probably the same guy as above! Get some help, please!)
“japan av movie” (What? In no way do I have anything adult-related here! I’m appalled!)
“How to tie Geisha hair” (And again I am completely dumbfounded. Yes there is one mention of Geisha, but that’s it.)
“why am I a failure?” (The answer is not here, my friend.)
“outrageous stuff” (Should I be flattered?)
“japan nail design” (And again… Whaaaat?)
“johan models” (Hmmm… What in God’s name was the person doing this search trying to find?)
“extreme hair groth” (Well, there’s nothing extreme about my hair. Myabe you’re looking for my brother?)
“Talk to the hand” (Ok, fine, but first: why my hand?)
“japan hand job” (That’s just inappropriate search behavior dude.)

Wow… Some interesting stuff going on, wouldn’t you say? By the way, I would like to give a shout out to the top three referrers of all time (well, since October really, since that was when I installed BAStats):

An Englishman in Osaka

5 Responses to “How did these people end up on my site?”

  1. i think the nail art one might be linked to comments we made way back in august last year

    checked out your bros site…very cool and funny. what a rad mum you have (assuming that is your mum in the christmas day photos) check out those presents – that is amazing – what a wild christmas!

  2. Johan

    Aah. Yes, that would be it!

    Thanks for the compliments… Yeah, Christmas at our house is pretty special. Every year we say that “this year, PLEASE refrain from buying a lot of small gifts for everyone, just get one big one”… And then, someone breaks the rule, and then it turns out everyone else did too…. I guess everyone values quantity over quality….. 😉

  3. Johan

    By the way, sorry for cutting off your link there. It caused some layout errors in IE. Gotta fix that ASAP, but a quick solution was to cut the link so it didnt wrap.

  4. Leo

    I found your site from japundit.com. But I kinda wish I found your site from some wacky search string. Would be a funny story to tell. At least, I think it would be.

  5. Johan

    Leo, you know what we can do; you give me a wacky search string – and I will add it to the site somewhere. Then you go and search on Google, and voila! you can say you found it via a wacky search string….