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AIC changes name to…what?

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One of the biggest consumer loan companies in Japan, AIC (pronounced ‘aiku’) which is partially owned by Citibank, recently changed its name to DICF. Oh well you say, what’s so interesting about that? Well, DICF is pronounced ‘dikku’ – which would be the japanese pronunciation of dick as well.

Great naming there, Citibank!

Aki Higashihara

I almost choked on my coffee when I saw the TV ad featuring well known model Aki Higashihara exclaiming:

– Aiku is now called Dikku!

4 Responses to “AIC changes name to…what?”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you.

    I think too. It’s name, dick 😀
    Many Japanese persons don’t know it means.

  2. Hey, another Johan living in Japan !
    I Actually like the CM with Ms Higoshihara, cannot get that tune out of my head “Wasurenaide♪Okaneyorimotaisetsunakotogaaru♪”

  3. Johan

    Yep I agree! Its awfully catchy! And she is pretty cute too!

    Why is it that all these consumer loan companies have such cute babes in their commercials?

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