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Shameless plug

This entry was posted by on Saturday, 17 December, 2005 at

Well I just got to toot my own horn and let you know that one of my photos has been selected for use on How Stuff Works on the topic of “Geishas”. (My photo is on the second page of the Geisha-chapter) It’s one of my photos from my trip to Kyoto earlier this year. I’m actually pretty happy about how the photo turned out, it was just pure luck that I got that great photo opportunity!

By the way, I removed all my photo galleries from my static homepage with the intention of adding galleries to my blog….has not happened yet, has it. Bear with me, I will have them up and running in a few days I hope.

2 Responses to “Shameless plug”

  1. Cheers for the info. Greatly appreciated.

  2. This blog site is great. How did you come up witht he idea?