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Gingerbread House Mania 2005

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Well over this past weekend me and Hikaru decided to create this year’s Gingerbread House, a tradition we have had for, oh, all of one year (!) by now…. Anyway, this year we wanted to surpass last year’s house and create something special. Mind you, we are still very much novices when it comes to gingerbread house creating, and we have long to go up to mastering the art.

Last year, we simply bought one ready-made house (in parts though, but no baking required) from Swedish makers Anna’s and put it together and focused on the decorating. It looked kinda nice for a first house. Check image below (click to zoom):

Gingerbread House 2004

This year, though, we wanted to increase the quality and do something a little bit better. Still, we didn’t feel brave enough to bake a house completely from scratch, so we decided to go with Anna’s again, although this time we bought three (3!) sets, planning on customizing them into one, big house. Sure, if we’re into customizing gingerbread houses, it’s a lot easier to do so before the dough is cooked – but since we had the ready made ones, we had no choice. By using high-quality precision GLOBAL knives, we managed to not only customize the houses’ wall and roof parts – but also create some extra addon accessories from the left over pieces! We’re quite happy with the result, check the photo below:

Gingerbread House 2005

Gingerbread House 2005

As a final touch, we added some small Santa figurines – and placed them around the house. Here is my favorite one, the master of the house, enjoying a Christmas dinner on the porch…..

House detail


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