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Eating while hiding in the shadows!

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Now this is friggin sweet! NINJA is a ninja-themed restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo. The food is served by ninjas, who also entertain by doing magic tricks etc. The interior is themed as old Japan with ninja houses, fortresses, secret passageways etc.

From the presentation of the interior:

Ninjas live for war.
So it is inevitable that they live in an environment
equipped as a fortress.


Ninjas lived in mountains and fields.
They lived in nature, with nature.
The interior of “NINJA” is nature itself, with waterfalls and ponds;
a sort breeze whispers and crickets chirp in the distance.
Diners forget time in this soothing environment.

(Via Japundit)

2 Responses to “Eating while hiding in the shadows!”

  1. Aegd

    The interior of the place looks amazing. NINJA was recently featured in the Swedish Travel program “Grattis Världen” hosted by Fredrik and Fillip, best know for their show “High Chaparall”. In the same program they also visited other locations in Tokyo, among them a bondage parlor and an air saloon.

  2. Paul

    I must go to that restaurant someday. I’m sure I’ll love it with all of my body (including my pee pee).