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Well that’s Fark for you…..

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So CNET announced their Blog100-list and a lot of good blogs and pesudo-blogs ended up being among the coveted 100.

And… even though CNET themselves state that it’s hard to define what a blog is;

Of course, such a list is bound to generate vigorous agreement and vehement dissent. It’s impossible to even get universal agreement on the definition of a blog.

the people of Fark just wouldn’t shut up about it… It’s the usual “We Farkers Are So Cool And Above Anything Mainstream” crap…. Anyway, the heated discussion that mounted from Fark.com making the list is simply hilarious! I mean what does it even matter if CNET calls you guys a “blog” ? Ok, so the majority of you don’t want to be called a blog… well get over it! Not every blog is an introverted 17-year-old’s Livejournal, you know!


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