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Tsurugi sword performance group O-Getsu Ryu in Tokyo

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O-Getsu Ryu will perform their latest work “Colorful” in Tokyo on October 25-27 at Space Zero in Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan. To get tickets, visit their homepage at www.o-getsu.com.

O-Getsu Ryu is a unique performance group that mixes very traditional Tsurugi style sword techniques with modern music. Their shows are often based on old Japanese tales, like The Tale of Genji or stories written about the 17th century samurai Musashi. They recently toured Taiwan, and last year they toured around Europe with their show “Sakuya” to high critical acclaim.

The leader of the group, Ms. Mihoko Kamiya, also sings in a very old, extinct language dating back to the Yamato period (250 – 710 AD), which hardly can be experienced through viewing photographs! If you can read Japanese, there’s an interview with her to be found on Soulswitch.jp.

It’s very hard to describe O-Getsu Ryu any further – it’s a truly unique experience mixing old and new, aggressive weapon techniques with beautiful fluid dance motions. The pictures below capture at least some of the magic. (Click on the thumbnails to see original photo.)

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