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Maid cafes and maid hair salons

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Unless you’ve lived under a rock during the last few months (or, perhaps, if you’ve lived outside Japan and not paid any attention to articles in the media or blogs) then you know of a phenomena known as “maid cafes” which have become really common here.

A maid cafe is simply a cafe/coffee shop were the waitresses happen to be dressed up as maids, to cater to the fantasies of the patrons. There are maid cafes where the waitresses also dress up as your favorite manga-character or playstation game heroine – but they are all generally referred to as “maid cafes.” Another general term that is used is moeten (萌店) where “moe” literally means “bud” or “sprout” but recently is almost exclusively used to describe the ideal youthful and innocent femininity as it is often portraid in anime and manga.

Anyway, through Epitmetheus blog I found that there also exists “maid salons” where the hair stylists are dressed in maid outfits. Wow! This country never ceases to amaze me. There is such a salon called “Moesham” (derived from “moe” and “shampoo”) in Akihabara. They even have ceiling-mounted mirrors so you can get a good view of your hair dresser from every angle!!

If you’re interested in other varities of moetens and maid cafes, there’s a good resource here at moeten.info. Here are some examples:

Chocolatte (maid cafe in Akihabara)
chocolatte maid

@Home Cafe (also a maid cafe in Akihabara)
athome maid

Little MSN (maid mahjong club in Yurakucho)
little MSN maid


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