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Hey BSA! Turn your attention to Japan please!

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Yeah… That’s right, I’m actually begging BSA to turn their attention to Japan for a while, and I’m deadly serious too. Why?

Well, you all have probably heard about the so-called “ipod tax”, a private copy levy on digital music players, proposed by the Japanese music industry. Truly a move by a desperate industry clinging to outdated business models, etc, etc, etc, but that’s not really the point here.

The interesting point is this; that these private levies are heavily criticized by none other than BSA, Business Software Alliance. In their press release yesterday they voice their criticism on this practise because it means that when consumers are law-abiding and pay for their music they are in effect double-taxed!

So that is why I hope that BSA can help lobby against the Japanese music industry so that this stupid idea does not go into effect over here as well.

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