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Golf club in Japan dedicates room to Annika Sorenstam

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I went to Windsor Park Golf & Country Club in Ibaraki prefecture yesterday to play a round of golf. Windsor Park G&CC is one of the most popular golf courses in the area surrounding Tokyo among foreigners living here. It offers a great golfing experience, great food, and good prices compared with other courses in the area.

Anyway, yesterday when I got my locker room badge and started heading over to the locker rooms, I walked past this sign on the wall of the large hall on the second floor:

Room dedicated to Annika Sorenstam at Windsor

Wow! As a Swede and a big fan of Annika Sorenstam (Sörenstam is the correct Swedish spelling, of course – and they got it right on the sign) I thought this was really great! Thing is, I think they actually named it the “Annika Sorenstam Hall” because of a suggestion from my dad. He mentioned a few weeks ago that he had met a board member of the club and when he heard that they were naming different rooms after great golf players, suggested, perhaps only half seriously, that they name one of the rooms after Annika, since she is one of the all time female golfing greats. He was also pretty surprised that they took his suggestion seriously and went through with it!

By the way, if you’re a Swede (or from another Scandinavian country) and living in Japan and play golf, do check out the Scandinavian Cup which is a bi-annual competition open for Scandinavians living in Japan. The next tournament is on October 21!

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