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The Shining – a coming-to-age movie?

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Well, this is simply brilliant. This is the trailer for “The Shining, Redux” so to speak. A post-production house arranged an in-house competition where the challenge was to create a trailer for a famous movie and make it seem like a *totally* different movie. The winner is the trailer posted below.

So what was originally something along the lines of this:

Here's Johnny!

Becomes a happy coming-of-age story like this:

The Shining Redux - a happier version

Click here to check out the trailer over at Tattered Coat

Thanks to Waxy for this great link.

[EDIT] After some searching I found two more entries into this competition; West Side Story and Titanic. I haven’t watched them yet, though – but the “Scary Titanic” description sounds interesting! Click here for more info.

[EDIT] I thought I’d post the link to the follow-up post to this with more information, in case you haven’t found it:

[EDIT] If you are interested, I just added another brilliant mashed up movie trailer Toy Story 2: Requiem.

[EDIT] I decided to add the trailer directly here, thanks to the wonderful YouTube.


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