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Report from A&V Festa 2005, part 2

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Moving on with the report from the A&V Festa 2005 in Yokohama, Japan. (First part of the review is in the previous post.)

The most exquisite sound I’ve heard in a long time was encountered in the demo room of German high-end manufacturer mbl. They had an awesome setup of dual monoblocks (mbl 9011), a preamp (mbl 6010) and two extremely beautiful and nice sounding speakers, the mbl 101E. I will try to scan an image of them (did not take a photo) because I’ve never seen anything like them! (They cost 5,300,000 Yen; i.e. $53,000!)

By the way, I got to comment on the visitors too. You could easily distinguish three types of visitors to the exhibition. True audiophiles, regular people (the entrance was free, so I think a lot of people came because of that) and a large number of otakus, whose only purpose, it seemed, was to photograph the cute womean standing in the booths! I swear, most of them didn’t even feign an interest in the acutal product, they just wanted a snapshot of the cutie handing out the pamphlets!! Amazing! But the sheer number of them must mean that it’s common; after all, this was the first trade show I’ve ever been to in Japan, so I don’t have any experience!

[to be continued again…]

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