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Final (?) roundup of the Playlouder issue

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Well, John over at Commons Music Blog has followed up the discussion about Playlouder MSP (see posts below, here and here.) by interviewing one of the co-founders of Playlouder MSP. Read the interview here and some followup questions . I have to take a small piece of credit myself, because he relayed some of my own thoughts from my earlier post in his questions. As you can see from the comments on the Commons Music Blog and other places, the Internet community is still a little split on this issue – some embrace it as the second coming of the Lord, while others fear it like the plague. I am still somewhere in the middle, slightly leaning towards positive because I think it’s a somewhat clever idea, not like past moves made by the recording industry.

By the way, by submitting the interview to BoingBoing (it got posted there a few days ago) I got some heavy traffic the first few days of September (and all I had was a “thanks” link on the site, the actual interview was posted on Commons Music – I wonder how much traffic he got) – so much actually, that after three days I have have as many hits on this page as I had the whole August (although the blog in this revision was only opened some time mid-August, it’s still quite impressive).

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  1. Thanks for the mention. BTW, I got a lovely traffic spike, as well. Not as much as for the whole of last month, but a nice spike, all the same.

    If you check back on the CM Blog, I’ve posted parts two and three of the interview, rounding off a few more questions.